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About Vela Solutions 

Vela Solutions was started in May of 2004 by Maja (Maya) Kazazic. 

Maja is originally from Bosnia and Hercegovina. During the 1990s Bosnian Genocide Maja (16 years old at a time) was sitting in the courtyard with 5 of her friends. An RGP (Rocket Propelled Grenade) exploded killing all 5 of her friends, and Maja was severely injured. Eventually she was evacuated to United States for Medical treatment. At 16 years old Maja's leg had to be amputated and she had over hundred surgeries, having to re-learn how to walk and run again. 

After finishing high school and college in the USA Maja eventually settled in beautiful Tampa Bay area.

Maja started building websites in 1995.A year later she started her first website design business, Eclipse Web Design. This skill and her passion for technology helped her pay for higher education and make a successful move to Florida. 

In 2004 Maja founded Vela Solutions, with her first client being $150,000 retainer. Vela eventually grew to a 12 employee organization. She worked with organizations like UnitedHealth Care, US government agencies, LinkedIn, The Y, and many others. 

Today Maja is a keynote speaker, but her passion and love of technology is still just as strong and important. She works with only a select few clients, helping them reach their business goals, and unleash their best side. 

If you are intersted in working with Maja, please contact us



Media Outlets

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  • Market Share Growth 

  • Scale Up to Next Level 

  • Additional Revenue Streams

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

  • SMM (Social Media Managment) 

  • Membership Web Sites & Apps

  • Groups and Forums

  • Funnels 

  • Branding 

  • Website Design & Development 

We offer all-encompassing, short and long term, exclusive growth strategies, and business consulting that generates revenue. We use latest technologies, and merge them with your best business practices to scale your business. Each solution is custom tailored for your business.  


Due to intensity of our work we can only work with a limited number of clients to ensure that proper attention is given to everyone. Currently we can take only 2 additional clients.

If you are interested in becoming one of our clients, you are welcome to
apply here. Once we receive your application we will contact you to schedule a time to set up a free 30min consultation

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